Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

  1. You fill out a quick, one-minute for-our-eyes-only questionnaire.
  2. Once someone from Dating Ring reviews your profile, you'll be invited to chat with one of our matchmakers, either in person or over Skype. We get to know who you are as a real life person and what you're looking for in other real life people.
  3. You specify a day and we'll personally match you up on 1-on-1 date with another lovely Dating Ring member. We act as your personal dating concierge, organizing all of the details.
  4. You tell us how it went. We'll send over contact info if there's a mutual match, and use your feedback to make all of your future dates better.

We also offer date coaching and advice, and throw monthly parties where you can scope out the crowd and let us know if there are any hotties you're dying to be set up with.

This must cost like a million bucks, right? Because I would certainly pay a million bucks for a service this wonderful.

How nice of you! The initial matchmaker meeting costs $25 and dates cost $20. It's a real steal. If you would like to pay us a million bucks, we'll accept that too, and maybe toss in a cupcake or something.

What kinds of members sign up?

Busy, smart, attractive people with great jobs, busy social lives, and little time to waste when it comes to dating. The network has mainly grown through word-of-mouth referrals, and the quality of our membership base continues to grow over time.

We attract and accept people who have no trouble finding dates on their own, but prefer to take advantage of a service that does the weeding out for them, and setting them up with people that are just as likely to want to date them, too.

How is each date put together?

Behind the scenes, Dating Ring looks a little like the North Pole in December. We match people that we think will get along really well, as defined by our compatibility factors. Those factors are based on notes from our in-person meetings, data points you provide during sign up, optional questionnaires, and information from feedback from and about each member. While we can't tell you exactly which factors we consider — that's the secret sauce! — rest assured that there's a method and madness to each date we create.

Why are there no pictures on the site?

While we will be adding more photos and videos as we grow, we have been working hard to ensure our founding members' privacy at these early stages. You can catch a photo of one of our dates in this NYTimes feature.

Do you do group dates?

While we started off as a group dating service, we are currently only providing 1-on-1 dates. We may add group dates back again in the future.

Where is your service being offered? I really want to do this!

As of now, we are live in New York City and San Francisco, but once you get enough of your friends to sign up, we'll launch your city. Either way, create an account and we'll send you the most heartfelt email when we expand to your city.

We're planning to hit up Boston and Los Angeles next. The more demand we get in an area, the quicker we expand there, so tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your neighbors who you've never talked to before!

Am I too young / old for this?

Our minimum age is 18.